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Joi And Cei To My Dirty Feet Outside! (mp4)

Generous Goddess lets you Beat it to my Dirty Feet OUTSIDE OF COURSE You need a cum draining and you need it so bad, I have been ignoring you and making you suffer as nothing makes me giggle more then you in agony over me, well little loser get excited, get hard, get that dick out and ready because you are going to stroke it for me, while worshipping my beautiful feet and face, that is all you get and you gladly except, knowing you could never pleasure or please a Goddess like me, so wanking it to my feet obviously makes you very horny! I tease you with my toes, arches, and soles while directing you through your masturbation session with my Erotic and sultry voice€¦From the beginning until the end I control your dick, making you my mindless Puppet completely ready to serve and obey my every command. I count you down and force you to blow your load all over my feet, getting them Even more dirty then they are already were. On your knees you go, outside for the world to see, you already Jerked off so don€™t get shy now loser, open wide and start licking up that nasty cum mess you made! Then it€™s time for my fun to begin as I control you and force you to SPOIL your Goddess and her Pretty Little Feet! http:///w/CIE42S7YMNXN Your going to need this My Toe LOVING FREAK! Get Busy and make your Goddess Happy! This clip contains Masturbation instruction, JOI, foot worship, toes, spreading, wiggling, pointing, humiliation, femdom POV, extreme close ups, leather, leggings, toe nail polish, cum eating instructions, Financial draining, findom and SO MUCH MORE! Feed your addiction to the Goddess of Perfection! http:///listings/show/9514297 When you have watched my clips and think you are ready to go a step further€¦Call me and lets push your KINKS, Addictions, and New Obsession with me to the Limit! Read my Latest Blog POST for how best to SERVE and IMPRESS YOUR GODDESS! Currently excepting NEW CHASTITY Pets. Email me with WHY you should be Considered and a Generous gift to show your devotion!

Joi And Cei To My Dirty Feet Outside! (mp4) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Julie & Nikki Barefoot Cum Eater

You’re a lucky boy to have 2 pairs of feet in front of you. We’re not going to let you touch our feet until you cover them with cum and lick it off. Nikki & I tease you with our silky soft soles and freshly painted red toenails and talk about you eating your own cum like the dirty boy you are.

Julie & Nikki Barefoot Cum Eater – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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 Clothes Pinned Masturbation Instruction (640x480)

I noticed you have been restless in you cage, you’re craving a foot milking. You’re going to be released of that filth, absolutely, while you entertains me. You doesn’t even have the privilege of seeing my bare soles, while I decorate your cock and balls with a head dress of clothes pins while you strokes your cock. You finally get your, “count down” and when you do finally release on my soft leather boots. Looks like dinner is served early foot slave, hope your hungry. Slurp it up off my boots and the floor. I have no tolerance for restless foot slaves.

This clip is in WMV format at 640X480
Additional formats: (HD/720p), (iPhone/iPod)

Clothes Pinned Masturbation Instruction (640×480) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

I'm Bored...entertain Me!

I’m bored loser…and your just pathetic enough to be my little Joker…Entertaining your Queen whatever way she see’s fit…Well I want to see that shameful dick of yours…drop your pants and lube it up…Your going to show me HOW HARD YOU CAN STAY through my Verbal Abuse and BeatDown!!! I have so much fun humiliating you and laughing at you as you beat your meat like it slapped your fucking Momma…HAHAHAAA when I am done fucking with your stupid ass I decide you can cum…BUT of course there is a Catch you will be Licking it ALL UP…Every last drop from the tips of my freshly painted toes to the bottoms of pedicured soles I want you to take that tongue and give me the dirty tongue bath my little feet deserve!!!! There will be NO BRUSHING your teeth either Loser…Yes you will be kissing your Mother and Wifey with that Dirty Foot Mouth! Total OWN AGE!

I\’m Bored…entertain Me! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You!!!

Awesome video in which Mrs. V. totally smashes a Snow crab into oblivion. She is mean and crushes every leg and clamps making sure he is suffering a lot. After she crushes all of his legs and clamps, she stomps repeatedly his head until it pops open. SHe threads heavily over his body squishing his guts out. In one scene she takes the cam to show her POV and in other shot, shows here messy soles. 640×480 resolution, with sound.

These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You!!! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Cricket Crowd Massacre

It’s the end of the night and my friend Emma has left. However, I still have an entire bag full of crickets left uncrushed. I could just let them all go in my backyard… or keep them in a cage as my pets. But, you know what? I think it would be so much more fun and pleasurable to massacre them all at once! I place the cricket filled bag on my clear coffee table – there’s at least 40 of them in there squirming, trying to escape. I stand high above them looking down at my trapped and terrified prisoners. It’s like there’s an entire crowd down at my feet, begging, struggling, screaming down at my feet. They will not last long. I begin to tease them, picking out one or two with my huge toes and crushing them in front of the rest of the crowd. They all panic, racing around the corners of the bag desperate to escape from their cruel Goddess! I lower my foot slowly once again, only this time ontop of an entire section of my tiny crowd! Ten crickets or more meet their fate underneath my sole in only one step. The bag fills with guts and juice from my victims, no doubt to the horror of the other crickets. Wanting to feel them under me, I lay down and press the bag under my boobs and then under my hot ass. I then stand up once again, towering over my small prisoners. SLAM! My foot comes down only this time fast and uncaring where it lands. I laugh in pleasure as another section of my tiny crowd explodes beneath my bare feet. SLAM! Again and again, section after section the crowd crushes underneath my massive soles as I laugh and moan with remorseless pleasure and excitement! My feet continue to step on the bag, crushing, squishing and pleasuring in my messy little victims. When the thunder from my feet eventually comes to a end, I check the bag for survivors. There is only one. I carefully take him out of the bag freeing him from his world of crushed friends and family. I carefully hold him down on my table and tease him with my body. I am hungry and there is no escape. My mouth comes down and my tongue swirls about him. I bring his helpless body inside my massive, wet cavern and suck on him. I pull him in and out, drenching him in my saliva. Finally I bring him inside me and push him to my throat with my tongue. I swallow, flinging a cricket leg from my mouth back onto the table. The Goddess is pleased.

Cricket Crowd Massacre – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Snails Crush On Shiit's Dog's Vol 2 Full Screen

—————-traduction francais—————

hard vido pour amateurs seulement avec des mules compense extrme beatrice massacres des dizaines d’escargots dans de la merde de chiens gros twist la merde est cras sous ses semelles elle a mme eu sur les pieds vraiment superbe vido

—————english traduction—————

Video hard for amateurs only with extreme mules offset beatrice killing dozens of snails in the dog shit shit big twist is crushed under his soles she even got on his feet really great video


Snails Crush On Shiit\’s Dog\’s Vol 2 Full Screen – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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